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Monday, January 24, 2022

AVD Video Downloader APK Download (Latest Version)v5.1.3 For Android

Description Of ADV Video Downloader

Another helpful feature of Android Studio is the AVD Manager, the short shape for Android Virtual Device. The AVD Manager is an emulator used to run Android applications on a PC. This permits engineers the capacity to work with a wide range of Android gadgets to test responsiveness and execution on various adaptations, screen sizes, and goals and you can free download this stunning and magnificent App on your gadgets from given connection beneath

Advanced Settings:

  • Interface customization and themes.
  • Select the folder for downloaded files.
  • Different automatic actions after finishing.
  • Save different file types in different folders.
  • Create an empty file to accelerate downloading.
  • Autostop activity if the battery charge level is short.
  • Import a list of links from a text file on an SD card.
  • Auto resume after errors and break of connection.
  • Planning start of downloading at right time.
  • Turbo mode for speed up downloading.
  • Getting the size of the file and beautiful name.
  • Backup list of downloads and settings.
  • Profiles for each type of connection.
  • Automatic operation on schedule.
  • Support quick auto-add download.

Clean Interface:

  • Light material design.
  • Filter by types and status.
  • Left menu with quick options.
  • Context menu for easy management.
  • Sorting downloads by order, size, and name.
  • Open completed files through favorite apps.
  • Information about downloading: speed, size, time.
  • Support pause, resume, restart for downloads.
  • Creation of advanced profiles for sites.
  • Fine-tuning for each download.
  • Widget on the home screen.
adv apk

Extended Notifications:

  1. Icon with progress and speed in the notification panel.
  2. The transparent progress bar on top of all windows.
  3. Completion notification by sound and vibration.

Built-in ADM Browser:

  1. Support of multiple tabs.
  2. Advanced media downloader.
  3. List of history and bookmarks.
  4. Easy sending file to the downloader.
  5. Download mp3 from popular archives.
  6. Interception of mp4 video from tubes.
  7. Easy downloader for all types of files.
  8. Download accelerator for social networking.
  9. Option "User-Agent" for forgery the browser.

Media sniffer:

  • Download streaming music and video.
  • Download m3u8 and MP-DASH video.
  • Convert ts to mp4 after finished.

Simple control for downloads

  1. Press on the download to start/stop the process.
  2. Press on the completed download to open the file.
  3. Long press on download to display the context menu.