Fast Task Killer Pro APK v3.10 Free Download for Android

Fast Task Killer pro apk will optimize your smartphone at the touch of a button.
Just one press will kill tasks run by other apps, free up memory, and make your smartphone experience faster.

Do you know that your phone runs slowly when there are too many background apps?
Do you want to speed up your phone with just one click?
Task Killer apk can help you!

The amount of memory used is displayed in an easy-to-see graph. It can also automatically kill tasks to make everyday usage faster and your battery lasts longer.

You can easily configure which apps to target, and you'll clearly see how the optimization is being done.

Fast Task Killer can help you to kill (close or stop) the running apps of your phone, free up the memory, and increase the speed of your phone!

Just one tap the app icon to instantly release memory.
This app has omitted the functionalities which take several seconds (3 seconds) for processing, to achieve the processing of the fastest class.
This app is recommended for those who are focusing on speed.
This app is absolutely free and without any troublesome advertisements.
A must-have app to easily maintain your smartphone. 

task killer pro apk

Features Of Task Killer Android:

  • Graph of memory usage, optimization at the touch of a button.
  • Shows optimization history.
  • Can configure target apps.
  • Optimization from the notification bar and widgets.
  • Quick optimization without opening the app each time.
  • Kill selected apps: You can select the running apps and kill them with just one click.
  • Auto Kill Kill the apps automatically to prevent the apps to restart after being killed. Keep your phone in good condition all the time.
  • Ignore List: Add or remove the app from the ignore list so that you can filter important apps.
  • Memory status: Show the usage of your total memory, and show the usage of every running app so that you know which app consumes the most memory.
  • And much more

How to use Task Killer:

  1. Install the app.
  2. Tap the app icon.
  3. The smartphone is refreshed after the memory is released.
  4. The app automatically completely finishes.